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Wedding Planning – Trusted wedding suppliers


14721735_2119091088316957_429512666129426748_nI think the most exciting part of planning a wedding is discovering the multitude of options and styles you can choose from for your special day.  There are so many different themes and ideas to run with , and with everyone around you voicing their option on what worked best for them, and what they recommend it can prove quite intense!  But the hardest part can be finally making your decision on ideas and trusted wedding suppliers and sticking with it.

Looking Back…

16194948_2199503210275744_5984795111985946674_nI was married over a year ago now and I look back on all the many small decisions we had to make every step along the way. I loved hand making favours and invites and all the things I was capable of doing, but I really did struggle handing over responsibility to a wedding supplier for the bigger things such as flowers or the photographer or giving the venue full responsibility for timings (it transpires I really am a closet control freak). I did find this hard as what would happen if I found someone ‘better’?!  But I did my research and thankfully was very happy with my choices.


Whats really important

One of the most important aspects for me when working with others within my baking business is striking a relationship with suppliers ‘that just works’. For me baking is a hobby that has turned into a job and I still want to enjoy the positive, uplifting relationships that I established when operating as a hobby.


One of my most trusted wedding suppliers is a beautiful lady called Robyn who has founded and build up a beautiful photography company, Bobtale Photography. I often find when I take pictures they never capture the essence of what I am trying to emulate to my viewers, but Robyn does this on every single picture! She is dedicated and passionately creative and loves what she does more than any trader I know. She captures beautiful, precious snapshots that need no hype as they speak for themselves. She loves what she does and works incredibly hard.

If I was to plan my wedding again I would absolutely work with this infectiously charismatic yet perfectly discrete lady.  She will be the assured calmness you need on you wedding day and will delight you with some of the most professional, precious and treasured memories from one of the most memorable and meaningful days of your life.

bobtail photography

Would I recommend her to my closest friend? ABSOLUTELY.



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